Communicating Data with Tableau

Author: Ben Jones (@DataRemixed)

Description: Go beyond spreadsheets and tables and design a data presentation that really makes an impact. This practical guide shows you how to use Tableau Software to convert raw data into compelling data visualizations that provide insight or allow viewers to explore the data for themselves.

Ideal for analysts, engineers, marketers, journalists, and researchers, this book describes the principles of communicating data and takes you on an in-depth tour of common visualization methods. You’ll learn how to craft articulate and creative data visualizations with Tableau Desktop 8.1 or higher and Tableau Public Desktop 8.1 or higher.

To open the example files with Tableau Public, click on an “interactive” link and click “Download” in the bottom right corner of the viz in the browser. To open the example files with Tableau Desktop, do the same, or click on the .twbx links below.

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Download all example files in the book: (56MB)

Chapter 1: Communicating Data

Chapter 2: Introduction to Tableau

Chapter 3: How Much and How Many

Chapter 4: Rates and Ratios

Chapter 5: Proportions and Percentages

Chapter 6: Mean and Median

Chapter 7: Variation and Uncertainty

Chapter 8: Multiple Quantities


Chapter 9: Changes Over Time


Chapter 10: Maps and Location


Chapter 11: Advanced Maps


Chapter 12: The Joy of Dashboards


Chapter 13: Building Dashboards


Chapter 14: Advanced Dashboard Features