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Data Remixed is a blog created by Ben Jones, a data visualization enthusiast. Thank you for visiting, and please be sure to send an email to connect.

About Ben

Ben lives in the Seattle area, and is an engineering (UCLA, 2000) and business (California Lutheran University, 2011) graduate working for Tableau Software managing the Tableau Public product (download for free here). Views expressed on this blog are Ben’s and do not represent the views of his employer. Ben enjoys spending time with his family (wife, Sarah and sons, Aaron – 10 and Simon – 8), hiking, playing sports, and reading.


About Data Remixed

Data Remixed is a blog dedicated to exploring data and sharing insights in an engaging way (add to RSS reader). The principles of Data Remixed are Wonder : Find Data : Explore : Discover : Share. It’s not about the data, and it’s not even about the insight – it’s about the shared experience that brings growth.


Contact Ben at (benjones at dataremixed dot com)

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  1. Deef permalink
    October 12, 2014

    I lost your email on my home computer so I thought I’d send you a message via here. I hope you’ve been well my man. I’ve been out of the data game for a while but now that I am back working and jumping right back I’d thought I take a look and catch up on your posts. I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed with what you are doing.

    Also, with football on I’ve been thinking about the QB rating and other stats that we talked about. It was especially relevant this last weekend when the Mizzou QB threw 5 INTs, but at least 2 of which hit his receiver’s hands and bounced into the the defender’s hands. Obviously these weren’t the QB’s fault and shouldn’t hurt his #’s. They are still turnovers of course, but should be recorded differently.

    Anyway, I just moved back to Atlanta for work but if you find yourself in the Atlanta area let me know. I think I might be in the Seattle area next year for a conference and hopefully we can grab a bite or a drink.

    Keep up the great work.

    - Deef

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