If you want to know what patients think about different hospitals in the U.S., Medicare posts the results of the national Survey of Patients’ Hospital Experiences (HCAHPS) here.

It’s interesting to look at the results, because patients score the hospital on a variety of factors, such as how clean were the rooms and bathrooms, how quiet was their area at night, how well did the doctor communicate, and more.

Of course, not all of these factors are equally important to everyone. Some can sleep through just about anything, and so wouldn’t care too much about the noise levels at night, while others don’t want to hear so much as a hiccup.

This viz, which I hope neither you nor I need to use any time soon, allows you to pick a place in the U.S. (state or county) and define what matters to you most via the sliders on the right.

What it returns to you is a map and list of the hospitals in that area, complete with a score for each hospital. The higher the score, the more satisfying the overall experience will be for you…at least in theory…

Did you find a familiar hospital? Any surprises?

Ben @DataRemixed