(Updated 1/4/2012 – “Trends” (6 in a row either all rising or all falling) and “Shifts” (9 in a row either all above or all below the mean) – See Word doc in item 2 below, not reflected in the video.)

During the past few weeks, I’ve featured two blog posts on Control Charts using Tableau Public.
(A great easy-read primer on control charts is Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos)

As promised and by demand, here is a quick How-To video and the associated files:

1. Excel file with data: Tom Brady Career Games
2. UPDATED 1/4/2012 Word doc with formulas: Control Charts with Tableau
3. Link to the finished version of the dashboard here
4. The how-to video (10min):

What’s next: (Done – 1/4/2012)
I would like to add “trends” (6 or more either all rising or all falling) and “shifts” (9 or more on the same side of the average line). This would require modifying the “Signals” and “MR_Signals” calculated fields to include these IF / THEN statements.

Any thoughts or comments? If you see an easier or better way to get the job done, please let me know!

Take care,
Ben @DataRemixed