(Update, 12/13/11: Download the Excel simulator file that was used to generate the frequencies here – 11MB)

This dashboard can be used to come up with a strategy to win at Monopoly (who wouldn’t want to do that?):

It answers the following questions:

1. What board spaces are landed on most frequently? (based on 60k simulated rolls)
2. How much can I expect to collect from my opponents per roll, on average? (based on frequency of visits times rent collected per visit)
3. How many rolls would it take on average for me to recuperate my investment in a property? (based on total investment in property divided by expected income per roll)

Explore different scenarios that will help you early in the game (“Single Property”) or at the end (“With a Hotel”) as well as other stages in between.

Bottom line: get a few railroads early, and make sure you own Boardwalk with a hotel for the knock-out punch. Putting lots of property on the orange set is also a winning strategy:

Have fun playing,
Ben @DataRemixed

Project notes:
1. The game was simulated using the RAND() function in Excel. Die rolls were generated using the formula =ROUNDDOWN(RAND()*6,0) +1
2. Chance & Community Chest card draws were simulated with VLOOKUP. Card draws were random (each with an equal probability of 1 in 17 chance), and each card was “replaced” between draws.